Weekly Schedule

We will use the following reading and study plan focused around the course text.

  • Class Meetings: Week 1-3: Chapters 1-4
  • Class Meetings: Week 4-6: Chapters 5-9
  • Class Meetings: Week 7-9: Chapters 10-16 (exclude 11, 12 & 13)

I encourage you to go ahead and read the chapters in these chunks at the beginning of these three periods. Then you can review the chapters as needed as we go through the weeks. So, since you are probably reading this material the first class period, before you return for the second class meeting, you should go ahead and read chapters 1-4. Before the fourth class period, go ahead and study chapters 5-9 and before the 7th class period, read the rest of the book excluding chapters 13 and 14.

So you really have just these three periods of studied reading and then review as needed after that. I suspect you can take care of your reading on a weekend before class in less than a couple of hours.

Week 1

  • Course overview, policies, etc.
  • Discuss the nature and purpose of design
  • Take a look at InDesign--brief overview and practice
  • Explain document analysis assignment
  • Practice creating documents, exporting to PDF, uploading to course website.
  • From zero information to zero redundancy

Week 2

  • Discuss the "Works Every Time" layout.
  • Why we care about page size, paper quality, margins, columns, visual weight, cutlines, headlines, copy, and tags
  • How to think rhetorically about our documents and their layouts
  • Some redesign practice and presentations

Week 3

  • Selected Amateur Layout Errors
  • How to think about image size in print versus on the web. We'll learn about image resolution and the relation of original image resolution to output resolution (e.g screens, monitors, lab printers, or the Heidelberg Speedmaster at Custom Printers
  • When can we cheat on image resolution and when not?
  • Learning about Aspect ratio and images--resizing vs cropping
  • Naked photos
  • Text boxes, borders, boxes, margins, and padding
  • Creating bullet lists the right way
  • About paragraph styles
  • Assignment on document analysis is due before the first class this week. Have the PDF ready to upload on the course website together at the beginning of class.

The next three class meetings will focus on learning how to create layouts with an intense focus on using InDesign. Read Chapters 5-9 in advance of the next couple of class periods.

Week 4

  • The document setup panel: page size, bleed and slug, orientation, facing pages, etc.
  • Columns and margins--even, uneven
  • Guides (vs columns)
  • Sheet size and page size
  • Trims and bleeds
  • Master pages
  • Page numbers
  • Multi-page layouts
  • Layout practice
  • Creating a book

Week 5

  • The importance of paragraph styles
  • Multi-page layouts, printer's spreads, export spreads to PDF, sheet size
  • Accommodating what's available and the output device
  • A booklet: 5.5 x 7.5--margins, bleeds?, safe space, page size, natural signature
  • An introduction to Event Assignment--repurposing content, rhetorical perspective, brochure building
  • Assignment outline for Event project
  • Getting started on the Event project

Week 6

  • Type
  • Color--RGB, CMYK
  • Image resolution, cropping, resizing
  • PDF output and printing practice

Week 7

Bring a hard copy of Event assignment to first class this week and have all aspects of this assignment complete before class.
The PDF of this assignment is due on Friday at the end of this week.
Discuss "rhetorical reflection" document.

  • Infographics
  • Creating charts in Excel and importing to InDesign
  • Importing sound files into InDesign for PDF
  • Review the distinction between sheet size and page size
  • Return to Chapter 2 in WSINYE and brainstorm ideas for an infographic--consider the "try it" prompts at the end of chapter 7.
  • Create some sketches of a possible one-page infographic--describe the kind of research you will need to do. (see assignment here).

Week 8

Carry over from Week Seven

  • Work on Infographic assignment in class--please think about topics prior to class, and come prepared to write and begin layout work or work in InDesign and/or Excel.
  • In the last class period this week, you'll turn in to me a memo that describes your project and lists four possible sources for research and information to include in your infographic. Group these resources as primary or secondary in your memo. If they are primary, original sources, explain briefly what preparation will be needed on your part. If they are secondary sources, explain why they are potentially the best or most appropriate sources for your infographic.
  • Tutorial on embedding video
  • https://www.videvo.net/video/green-turtle/5503/

Week 9

  • Work on Infographic assignment in class--have your basic research done prior to class, and come prepared to write and begin layout work or work in Excel.
  • Revisit master pages
  • How to prepare printing with crop marks for trims and bleeds.
  • Creating multiple page layouts.
  • Revisit paragraph styles--absolutely required for multi-page documents.
  • Layout mimic--The New Yorker, literary journal, professional journals
  • Practice layouts with paragraph styles.

Week 10

  • Turn in a hard copy of the infographic assignment during the last class period of this week. The work should be done prior to class. A color PDF should be handed in online by the end of the day on Friday of this week, and I will ask students to talk about their work in front of the class with a brief presentation during the last class period of this week.
  • Layout mimic--The New Yorker, literary journal, professional journals
  • Tri-fold brochures--why are they so difficult?
  • Printer registration: why it's a problem for us but not for your professional printer
  • Mimic the tri-fold brochure.

Week 11

  • Discuss the booklet assignment
  • Embedding a PDF in a PDF
  • How to use master pages (again)
  • Drawing shapes in InDesign
  • Research on your booklet project
  • Booklet project drawings and feedback from students and teacher

Week 12

  • Turn in the journal/magazine and tri-fold brochure mimic assignment.
  • Booklet project work

Week 13

  • Booklet project work

Week 14

Week 15

Finish Projects--Finish by the end of class if possible.

Week 16

Finals Week
1:30 class, exam: Tuesday, April 23, 2:00 pm - 3:50 pm
3:00 class, exam: Thursday, April 25, 2:00 pm - 3:50 pm