Event Brochure

Do research, collect information, and design and build a brochure for some campus event.

It will probably work best if you choose an event you plan to attend or would like to attend. This might be a student reading series event, a visiting writer or lecturer, or a musical event. Please avoid a sports event unless it is a peculiar event that has limited scope or appeal. The point is, I'd like this to require some very specific research into the person or people involved. I'd expect to see evidence of research that could include interviews, samples of documents or published work, biography, relevant images, etc.

I hope to see evidence that you've been reading the book, paying attention to design principles we've learned so far, and the proper use of images and white space.

We'll all use a letter-half size folded document. Color is not required in the print version, but should be used in the PDF version. Bleeds can be used in the PDF.

This assignment requires an accompanying "rhetorical reflection" document.

The rhetorical reflection document should indicate how the audience and purpose has influenced the construction and content of your document. In other words, discuss how the rhetorical situation has influenced decisions you've made about content and design. Please also be specific about how you have built your document with an effort to Capture attention, Control the eye, Convey Information, and Evoke emotion. This document need not be longer than a single page.