Document Analysis

Find a document that breaks multiple design principles described in chapters 1-4 of White Space is Not Your Enemy. Note that these principles are described not just in chapter 4, but also in chapter 3 and to a lesser extent chapter 2.

Mark up the document you find with numbers as is shown in the "Layout Sins" chapter and then use InDesign (not MS Word) to create a "Works Every Time" layout that analyzes what is working and not working in the layout design. The analysis document is written analysis. In other words, this need not be an image-intensive document (think about capturing attention, controlling the eye, conveying information, and evoking emotion). You will need to refer to the numbers you marked in the original document being analyzed. Your analysis document should also be exported as PDF and uploaded to the course website. Please make four copies of the document you are analyzing, and bring them on the due date.

Due date: at the beginning of your first class in week three.