You can earn an A or B in this class if you complete all assignments and reach deadlines, do quality work, and show some genuine commitment. You’ll earn a C if you meet deadlines with satisfactory effort or if some of your assignments are incomplete. You’ll receive a D or F if your assignments are poorly executed or overdue, or if your attendance, participation, or effort is unsatisfactory.

  • 100 pts. Document Analysis
  • 100 pts. Event Brochure
  • 100 pts. Infographic
  • 100 pts. Journal/Brochure Mimic
  • 100 pts. Instruction or Information Booklet

450-500 = A range
400-449 = B range
350-399 = C range
300-349 = D range

You will leave a subjective impression with regard to how you contribute to our class discussions, how prepared you are, what insights you bring to the reading, how you help others with their writing and how you make this class a better class. I hope I don't have to "discount" anyone's grade based on that impression though I will if you don't participate in productive ways, but, also, I do reserve the right to raise a student's grade beyond these assigned points based on my sense of how you participate and improve the quality of this class.